Moxie Instant Coffee Pods communicates coffee to be an affordable and instant luxury. The marketing strategy behind Moxie is adding value to the experience of drinking coffee while maintaining a very sustainable design. The objective was to create a fresh, contemporary look and user-experience.

The solution is clean, informative design made with smart resources. The Moxie Instant Coffee packaging was inspired by the natural shape of the coffee bean.  The organic curves of the package and the coffee pods inside reflect this.  The pods are designed to be very easy for consumers to carry and use.  One simply peels off the seal sticker, pinch the ends of the pod, and empty the instant coffee into a container with water to make coffee.

Conceptually, the materials for the product are coffee pulp paper and corn-based plastic.  Both are sustainable resources and biodegradable.
This project won an honorable mention award at the 2012 Purdue Undergraduate Art Exhibition.
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